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Wisteria Information
Welcome to Wisteria! Here you can find everything about our site and Weyr. This includes our site rules, creatures, and history. It is recommended that you read everything before you begin.
History Creatures

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51 8 Mar 5 2016, 05:16 PM
In: Shellback
By: Salubri
Character Directory
When you are ready to create your character, you can find all you need here. There will be a template along with a directory of all the existing people of Wisteria Weyr

Accepted Pending Lists and Records

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250 178 Mar 21 2016, 10:56 AM
In: Pregnancy Chance
By: Prissy
Trackers, marks, shops, and plotters are all located here. This is the main hub for all of your character needs.

Stores Wanted Site Store

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40 171 May 26 2016, 02:35 PM
In: Neffin's critter corner
By: Cinnamoon
Big information on Wisteria Weyr will be placed here. Also, if you have questions or concerns, you will find a place to ask them here!
News and Events Questions and Suggestions

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39 102 Jul 16 2016, 09:53 PM
In: Are you back?
By: summerrain
Thread Trackers
Track threads you are in here.
2 20 Jan 1 2016, 03:03 PM
In: Prissy's Tracker
By: Tanard

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Like any Weyr, Wisteria is in a dead volcano. The crater makes up the Weyrbowl. There are a few wooden buildings, pens for livestock, and even a small swimming hole. There tends to be a very sleepy, lazy atmosphere that comes from the unchanging weather. Flitters and dragons sun themselves on rocks and werybrats run about. This is truly the heart of the Weyr.
Gardens Training Grounds Blacksmith Gather

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6 11 Jul 16 2016, 09:22 PM
In: Trying to do better (OPEN)
By: Avelon
Lower Caverns
The intricate maze of tunnels located under the Weyr are known as the Lower Caverns. Most everything takes place here as it can stay cool year round. Some say there are even a few secret tunnels to explore. However, it's easy to get lost and even to the experienced, the lower caverns can be very confusing.
Kitchen Infirmary Records

CrecheBathing poolsCrypt

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4 15 May 26 2016, 03:58 PM
In: Critter Chaos
By: Sanial
Living Quarters
Around the Weyrbowl are scattered areas where personal weyrs and rooms are set. There are specific barracks for candidates, weyrlings, and wherlings along with high-up ledges and weyrs for the riders. There are also weyrfolk weyrs and drudge quarters located to the far ends of the Weyrbowl.

Living Quarters Weyrling Barracks

Wherling Barracks Candidate Barracks


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7 12 May 25 2016, 04:59 PM
In: Meeting up with Friends {J...
By: Rackeal
Within the Weyr
Large spaces within the Weyr, here are the Haching Sands and the Great Hall. Both are spacious, and like many places within the weyr most everything is carved from obsidian.

Great Hall Hatching Sands

Subforums: Great Hall, Hatching Sands

2 12 May 25 2016, 05:08 PM
In: Contemplations of a Queen {...
By: Marta

Collapse   Weyrlands
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The jungle is thick and overgrown. It is a dangerous place. There are wild animals that stalk the undergrowth, such as whers, giant wherries, large jungle adapted felines and wild boar. All of these are highly aggressive. However the greatest danger are the bandits that roam. These holdless brigands will not hesitate to set upon anyone they think might have money, or kill people who discover them. Weyrlings and Candidates are at the greatest risk, since they have the potential of being ransomed.

The jungle is patrolled by Wherhanlders and their whers. Candidates and Weyrlings that go to the jungle should hope they get found by the patrolling wherhanlders, and not something much less friendly.

Subforums: Wisteria Jungle, Ataranith Jungle

1 1 Jul 17 2016, 12:28 PM
In: On Patrol
By: Avelon
Dragonback Island
This tropical island is a little way offshore from Wistera, a short boat ride or an even shorter flight. The sands are golden and warm, and dolphins frolic in the shallow waters. It's very safe here, and there are no large predators. As such, the island is nearly overflowing with wild flitters who lay their clutches here. Many Weyrfolk come in hope of obtaining an egg, especially from silly greens who lay their clutches where they are easy to find.
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Blacksand Beach
Withing sight of Dragonback Island and only a short walk down from Wisteria, Blacksand beach is a lovely place to rest. The sands are extremely warm, and stay so all year round. As such wild flitters often lay their clutches here. Weyrbrats are brought here as it is relatively safe from predators. The biggest danger here, so long as you're careful about the water, is getting a nasty sunburn. Dragons can be seen her often, sunning themselves in on the warm beaches or lumbering into the cool water.
1 2 May 31 2016, 01:22 AM
In: Sandy relaxation
By: Neffin
The Lake
This lake is positioned halfway between Wisteria Weyr and Hope Hold, and is only about a half-hour trek away from the road. Of course the quickest way to get there is by dragonback. The lake is a deep greenish blue, and is full of hundreds of different sorts of fish, There are several cotholds who make their living off of this lake, small sturdy buildings, built from either the blue marble that was carved out when Hope Hold was built, or of other local stones. Almost every cothold has a smoker beside it to smoke the fish that they catch. The cotholds of the lake are on very good terms with the weyr, and people always come out to welcome the mighty beasts when they visit.

There are stories of there being something in the lake. But most people agree that they're only stories to keep naughty children in bed. Still a strange number of people go missing, never to be heard from again. And sometimes, on nights when the sky is clear and the moons are full strange calls echo out over the lake.

Subforums: Cotholds, Hold Road

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The skies above the Jungle below are either clear, or rainy. If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes, and it will change. When the sun shines, it shines bright and warm, and is so all year round. When it rains, the rain is heavy and warm, nourishing the plants below and making the jungle grow even more. Dragons fly though the skies, and their riders enjoy races and acrobatics. Here drills are kept up, despite thread not falling in centuries. The red star, is approaching. And one day thread will fall from these skies.

Mating Flights and Runs

Subforums: Mating Flights and Runs

1 4 Mar 9 2016, 07:48 PM
In: Glitter Force, Sparkle Storm!
By: Anje'll
Wherlost Swamp
Found on the other side of the Barrier Mountain, and past the Redflower hills, Wherlost swamp is a massive swamp hundreds of kilometers wide. There are strange creatures here, and there is little reason to come here. Some try to make a living in the swamp, likely castaways who ended up landing by the swamps, and never left, not wishing to cross the swamps.
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Barrier Mountains
An imposing ridge of mountains that divide the island in two. These mountains tower over everything else. Their peaks are high and snow covered, even in this tropical climate. A few hardy people have built cotholds here, and it is the home to a Minercraft hall.
Subforums: Cotholds, Mines

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Collapse   Hope Hold
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Hope Hold
Carved entirely from Blue marble, Hope Hold was founded alongside Wisteria many turns ago. The people of hope hold are hardy and inventive, and the hold itself is a riot of colour and looks like a festival all turn. When the people of Hope Hold celebrate, the colours and music increase to levels that one would think impossible.
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Jungle Cave
This serves as the courtyard of Hope Hold. It is a small lake that lies within the blue marble that makes up the entire hold. This lake is surrounded by the jungle that has spilled into the marble cave itself, where the hold is open to the sky. This is the hub of Hold life.
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Crafters learn what is needed here, and turn out goods. The sound of busy work can be heard around, be it scratching of quill and ink, or the carving of wood. Many goods come out of these halls. The Crafthalls within Hope are smaller, however many have their own outside entrances, but are connected to Hope Hold through tunnels. Like Hope Hold they are carved from the mass of Blue Marble that makes up this cliff area.
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Great Tower
The Great tower was not built up brick by brick, instead was carved from a pillar of blue marble that was streaked with white. The surface of it looks like the sky above, streaked through with clouds. The tower is very beautifully carved, with figures of dragons flying throughout. Carved stairs run up both the inside and outside, the outside set and inside set crisscrossing near perfectly, despite the fact that no one can see it. The tower serves for watches, and can contain a fire within so that Wisteria can see it.

The tower has been off limits to holdbrats, ever since one climbed it, fell off and died.

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Collapse   The North
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Half-Circle Hold
Half way down Nerat Bay near the Dragon Stones, a grim sight rises out of the ocean, on an island shaped like a crescent, offering shelter from storms. There are battlements on this side of the hold, facing out into the sea, with mighty ballistas that have hooked arrows attached to chains. These are defense against dragons. With the austere battlements the hold looks like a bleak place to live. However this is deceptive. It is beyond bleak, life within Half-Circle Hold is absolute and utter hell.
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Northern Lands
The north is full of cotholds, abandoned weyrs, and holds. Also lots and lots of armies, abandoned implements of war, and vast stretches of burned grounds.
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Far North
The land of Jarlholds, Linnomrms and snows, it is not a welcoming land physically, but the people are very much so.
Subforums: Dragon's Glory

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Collapse   The South
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Dragon's Rest
This hold is a major trade hub between Wisteria and the South. Like any hold of the south it is not inside a mountain or cliff, instead it is full of stout houses made of stone with metal or slate roofs, all the houses have thread shutters. Everything, every single building is made of stone.
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Guest-friendly! Post any advertisement for your site here or request an affiliation!

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234 18 Feb 26 2017, 11:13 PM
In: Shinsei Weyr
By: Nox
Hellos and Goodbyes
Where aways and greetings are found
Subforums: Hellos, aways

17 10 May 7 2016, 01:46 AM
In: Back!
By: Alycat

9 28 Dec 19 2015, 10:40 AM
In: So you've been a naught...
By: Salubri

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571 4365 Feb 3 2016, 06:30 PM
In: A Frightening Run
By: Darska
Arts and expression

5 4 Dec 30 2015, 03:17 PM
In: Last Hope adults ((Image He...
By: Nox
Alt Timeline RPs
Have something you want to have set up in the past? Want to explore a what if?

You can thread that here.
Simply put in the description if it is canon or non-canon

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